Use case

Smart home:

Home automation and access control

A smart home can be achieved by using a home automation system that integrates smart technologies such as IoT, sensors, electrical appliances, and mobile devices, allowing homeowners to monitor and control their home. A smart home project is easy to begin with. In fact, many homeowners began their home automation project by purchasing a small single-board computer, such as the Raspberry Pi, and open source programming tools. Another option for a control module for smarthome systems is a PLC, which is commonly used for controlling electromechanical processes. There is no end to the scenarios that a smart home can achieve.

Here are some examples:

Ultron, which is based on NVIDIA® Jetson™platforms, is an excellent choice for the aforementioned use cases. It includes control software that is simple to use and requires minimal programming knowledge or integration with other software. Whether or not you are familiar with NVIDIA DeepStream SDK, a streaming analytics toolkit for AI-based multi-sensor processing video or image, is an excellent tool for AI application development. NVIDIA DeepStream SDK supports multiple frameworks and extensive reference of pretrained models. The DeepStream toolkit is readily available for use with Ultron's I/O modules, allowing you to apply programmable logic based on sensor readings and video inference results and send appropriate output signals to control the devices.