The device is not powering on

Ensure that the 24V input supply is firmly and securely inserted into the appropriate input connector. When power is applied, the PWR LED switches on and Ultron boots up automatically.

There is no output when I connect the display

Ultron uses a miniDP connector as its display output. You can connect to a display with a DisplayPort input. To connect to an HDMI display, use an active DisplayPort to HDMI converter.

I cannot access the device over Ethernet

Ensure that Ultron is powered on and that an Ethernet cable is securely connected to the LAN0 or LAN1 ports. The link and activity lights flashes when the connection is successful.

I cannot read the digital sensor’s output

Ultron's digital inputs accept voltages ranging from 5-24V. Each input’s corresponding status LED lights up whenever it is pulled HIGH.

The ADC and GPIOs are not working correctly

Ensure that the configuration switches have been properly configured.