Key software features

Ultron’s software-defined architecture enables the application of software logic through a centralized interface, allowing for greater flexibility in the development and deployment of autonomous infrastructure. The key features of the software include:

On-device data acquisition and control software

  • User authentication to prevent unauthorized access

  • Automatic registration and display of physically connected modules on the UI 

  • Allow real-time querying and status monitoring through visual representation of control blocks with feedback mechanism on the user interface

  • Save the current configuration or load a previously saved configuration.

  • Emulate analog and digital I/O and provide access to logic elements such as timers, counters, and control bits to meet your needs

  • View deployed software configuration, communication settings, general information, and firmware versions of the device

  • Modify parameter values in the parameter editor to control local or remote I/O

  • View health metrics such as GPU, CPU performance, and average temperature of the compute unit

Flow-based visual programming tool

  • A low-code integrated development environment for implementing logic on PLCs and automating processes

  • A drag-and-drop interface for controlling inputs and outputs without having to know about underlying programming concepts

  • Implement custom nodes to interact with Ultron’s analog and digital GPIO

  • Wire automation flow easily using a wide range of communications protocols and function nodes

Gstreamer plugin and vision SDK

  • Add and configure RTSP streams using the UI

  • Integrate NVIDIA DeepStream and Gstreamer video analytics elements and control output signals based on inference result using customized SDKs

  • Simplify the process of vision system integration by removing the need for specialized tools or programming languages to apply image processing logic

  • Deploy and concurrently run multiple AI models in each module using the modular software design

Visualization and HMI

  • Create easy to understand visualization and interactive elements that are mapped to actual values and controls

  • Display real-time data and visualize inference results on a single centralized dashboard

  • Allow operator to monitor and interact with process control systems to improve production efficiency

  • Automate and display visual alarms on the HMI to ensure safety and security